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Car Components & Parts
Genuine Saab parts, Secondhand Saab parts, Aftermarket parts available

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Saab, Saab 99, Saab 900, Saab 9000, Saab 9-3, Saab 9-5, Saab 9-3 Sport, Saab 9-3 Sportwagon

Garage Maintenance & Repair Services
Latest diagnostic equipment, Warranty issues resolved, Menu priced servicing.

Saab Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning.

We are now able toc recover your Diesel particle Filter should it get blocked. Please call us on 01892 825208 or email us at chris@motorvationsaab.co.uk

Our Services..
All model servicing, Up to date diagnostics, Menu pricing, Air conditioning servicing & repairs, MOT’s, Free courtesy cars, Genuine parts, Second hand and after market parts


  1. Hi

    Is that right about doing MOT’s?


  2. Hi.
    Yes we can MOT your car. We check it over first and let you know of any issues before submitting it for the MOT.


  3. I have a Saab 93 150bhp anniversary edition and have had a over heating problem dash says it’s too hot and pull over yet I am not losing and water and there is not evidence of water in oil so don’t think head gasket ! I am no mechanic when the vehicle is left to cool when u start and idle gauge reads normal when u accelerate rises as u rev and then drops also heater doesn’t push red hot air as u would suppose it would do if water is overheating I wonders if you could get back to me on what is likely to be Amis and possible a price to put right many thanks Andy veness


  4. I have a saab 9-3 convertible 2004 b207, never leaks water when not driven, but once driven, and turned of, I can clearly see some water leaking from bottom of engine, heater works perfect………air con works perfect


    • Hi.
      Are you sure you are not seeing the water that has come from the Air con drain, positioned at the bulkhead behind the engine. Any problems call us on 01892 825208


      • I am 100% sure it’s not the air con. As turned off on last check, it’s definitely using water, as needs topping up every 60/70miles, seems to come from centre of engine, and leaves a certain amount of water after driving, so not a constant leak, drive the car for a couple of miles, stop turn engine off, and it will leak, say a tea cup of water and then stop leaking? Quite strange really


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