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Founded by Chris Wilkinson we have always sought to establish ourselves as professional, friendly and above all honest. As Independent Saab Specialists we have always relied upon our reputation for referral of new customers by existing ones. People and their Saabs are our business. We have many longstanding clients from as far away as Holland,Bristol,Devon,& the Midlands. We have avoided the temptation to “get too big” preferring to stay small & personal, away from the “high street “ & the “dealer image”. Thus we have been able to keep prices low whilst not compromising on our ability to keep up to date with the latest models and technology. We get to know our customers personally and want you to get to know us too


  1. saab 95 est. 58 plate, local saab dealership in administration,3 year service set up last august, unsure of the future of this arrangement,contacting C A B on its status etc.
    Would interested in your comments.


    • Hi Michael. Thanks for your comment. As far as I am aware the 3 year servicing arrangement that you have with your car is set up between you and the Dealer. As such, with the dealer going into administration it would become null and void. However I would suggest that you give Saab Uk a call on 08701 609395 to clarify this further. Please post back to let us know the outcome. Regards


  2. I have been dealing with Southampton Saab for many years now with my Saabs, and have found out that they are now in administration. I have had no contact from them about what on going arrangements or suggestions for my future needs of Saab service etc are. They are or were part of the Whitequay group, the main man being Ian John.
    I have contacted 08701 609395 but the number is unobtainable.
    Can you help me please in any respect of this.
    I appreciated any information you are ale to give me.
    Many thanks.


  3. 56 Saab 9-3 tid ,recently bought car have done approx 600 miles without problem.However today after travelling a few miles I noticed white smoke from exhaust ,the smokes smells like unburnt fuel to me ,after turning engine off and restarting the smoke disappeared, however drive a few miles and it returns ,restarting engine it stops again cycle repeats ,cleaned map sensor as was dirty still the same ,any ideas comments would be appreciated


    • Hi Paul.

      My first thought is that the car is trying to regenerate the DPF, and due to the riving conditions is not able to complete the cycle.

      Try running the car at around 3000 rpm ( 4th gear on an auto ) for around 10 minutes, this will set the criteria for the car to carry out an automatic regeneration and hopefully should then be Ok.

      Please call us on 01892 825208 if you need to speak to us.


      Chris Wilkinson


  4. Hi Paul,

    about a year now, I have issues with limited performace warnings coming up on my 9.3 1.9 TTID (180BHP). Car was on a Tech 2 and only fault code was blocked DPF. I have changed the DPF with an aftermarked one (eminox). This DPF got blocked very fast, so my saab tech checked for the reason why. Found that there was compression loss on one of the cylinders. Stripped the engine and found that the swirl flaps were completely gone. Swirl flap rods were removed and housing was sealed so we could reuse that part. Cylinder head was sent for inspection (all valves were replaced ans seatings redone). EGR, turbo/intercoler pipes were checked and OK, no leaks. Now DPF was replaced by an OEM second hand model to follow up the car’s behaviour. At first car was running fine, good mpg average (43 ish), car performed regeneration. About 3700 miles later the issue re-occured. Blocked DPF and lots of black smoke on hard accelaration. When driving on motorway no black/blue/white smoke visible.On tech 2 just blocked DPF again I use my car almost only on motorways, so not much slow city drive. Engine oil level is high on dipstick and red oil warning light flashes once a few seconds after engine start. Engine starts within a few seconds after turning the key. Engine stops immediately after cutting ignition. Without Limited performance on, car drives good, fast acceleration, no vibrations, no misfires or strange noises. Only lots of black smoke on hard acceleration. Saab tech told me to check whole engine again for any faults. Any helpfull ideas to narrow down the search?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Koen.
      I would re check the intercooler system. The black smoke smacks of an air leak. Is the EGR valve Ok ? Are you running the Saab low ash oil ? How were the cylinder bores, especially the one that swallowed the flap ? Are you using cheap supermarket fuel all the time ? There could be several issues here. It is difficult to advise any more without looking at the car. Should you wish to contact us please call on 01892 825208.


  5. Hi Chris,
    EGR seems to work properly (working check by tech 2). I suppose my saab tech used low ash oil, because he was an official dealer. Cylinder bores were checked when cylinder head was removed. No visual damage could be seen. After mounting the repaired cylinder head, compression was measured again and was equal for all cylinders and within specs. I never use cheap supermarket diesel, only quality diesel from renowned brands.



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