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New Road Diversion to Motorvation

roadworks sign

Once again we have a new road diversion !!

There is now NO ACCESS from the A21 into Halfmoon Lane. This will continue for the next few months. Please check our website location page for directions and a map at .

It looks more complicated than it really is !

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Saab 95 Diesel Estate for Sale

Saab 9-5 Estate diesel 2004. 2.2 litre Diesel manual with good service history.

Chris car 1   Chris car 3



Chris car 2

Dark Blue metallic paintwork and Parchment leather seats. New Mot. This car was bought by Chris for his own use from a customer when it became surplus to their requirements. We have carried out a full refurb of the suspension including bushes and rear shock absorbers. It has also recieved new rear brake discs and pads as well as having recently had a new Turbocharger and intercooler, and has had a service. The car has passed its Mot with no advises she now drives beautifully. My own requirements have changed and the car is now no longer needed. She is ready to drive away.

This is a private sale by Chris.
Price £1750 ono
Please contact us on 01892 825208, or email on 



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New Access Map for Motorvation Saab

roadworks sign

Owing to the on-going A21 Roadworks the access to us has been changed again, this only affects people coming to us from the South, Tunbridge Wells or Maidstone directions. Access remains the same from the North as you can turn left into our lane, ignoring the road closed signs. Please note that the well known  landmark of the petrol station has now gone. Please click the location button below for a revised map and directions.

Locationmap button2

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Saab Service Discount

Service Discount Voucher copy

If your car is due its service, or Mot. We are offering all our customers a 10% discount on service labour charges for February only.

Call us now on 01892 825208 to book your visit.

Motorvation Premier card

Are you a Premier card holder ?

Remember you will also qualify for your points discount !

 Find out more about our Premier Club. Here.

Visit us at

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Saab Airbag Recall

Saab AirbagWe have had several enquiries around the subject of the reported airbag recall affecting Saab. This is part of a global recall by the manufacturer Takata who supply many of the car manufacturers with airbags.

We have made enquiries and whilst not yet confirmed we believe that the recall applies to vehicles in the US market, and doesn’t include GB spec cars. We will keep you posted should we get further clarification. I have included the link to one of the articles on the subject below.

For further information and all your Saab Servicing visit us at or call us on 01892 825208

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Happy Christmas

Dear All

First and foremost thank you for your support for us this year.

What a year it has been ! Here at Motorvation we continue to serve you and our other Saab customers. Genuine Parts supply remains good. We have noticed the rise in the number of relatively poor quality aftermarket parts becoming available cheaply, indeed several customers have bought these parts on the internet, sometimes at more cost than the genuine item !

We continue to see a rise in customers requesting ” full car” refurbishment of their cars, as they say ” I’ve tried other cars, but I just like my Saab ! With the steadily continuing rise in value of older cars such as the Classic 900 and the 9000 we find ourselves carrying out more restoration work to these cars ranging from small welding repairs to all out vehicle refurbishment.

The ups and downs of Saab have continued to keep us watching. I have written an article below summarising what we currently know about NEVS ( the owners ) and the current developments. I hope you find it interesting.

Christmas Card 3 copy


 Saab News.

NEVS is spending several billion dollars on developing several new electric car models, which will be launched from 2017. “It will now be a broader product range than we’ve ever seen from Saab Automobile in the past. Models will gradually be rolled out the first being the electric 9-3. We already have a greater demand than we had anticipated,” said Mattias Bergman in an interview with P4 West.

 After the 9-3 electric car, there will be four new products at optimized for electric drive. There are two SUVs, a hatchback and a crossover, all medium sized cars, says Mattias Bergman. “this is probably one of the biggest industrial projects in Sweden right now. he said.” “In the spring we will begin to rebuild the parts of the plant to prepare for the production start this summer, we have employed over one hundred car builders, we are employing more to begin construction in the autumn.”

 It remains unclear how the cars will be branded. NEVS does not as yet have the right to use the brand  name. Saab AB withdrew the permission to use the brand name keen to ensure that they were not associated with another bankruptcy like the last in December 2011. Saab AB displayed considerable patience during the reconstruction and negotiations are ongoing with regard to using the Saab name, which still is allowed to adorn the factory, as long as the sign remains, Saab AB have not said no.

So what will those new models look like ?

Here are some images that we have gleaned showing the first impressions of the new models.


 And Finally. It just remains for us to wish all the very best for Christmas and hoping you have a happy and successful 2016 !


Best Wishes.

Visit us at :

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New Diversion Map to reach Motorvation Saab

roadworks sign

Due to the roadworks on the A21 between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, the access to the end of Halfmoon Lane has been changed to a left turn only. DO NOT attempt to turn right as the contractors have installed cameras and will report any cars ignoring the no right turn signs.

Halfmoon Lane has been completely closed below our workshop so the ONLY access currently is from the A21

This means that anyone approaching us from the south has to take the new diversion route to get to us. Please click on the Location Map button below to get a map and directions to get to us.

Locationmap button2

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Classic 900 Turbo For Sale


This is a lovely car owned by one of our very longstanding customers. For you enthusiasts its worth a look.

Due to downsizing in my retirement. I am sadly offering for sale. My wonderful Classic 900 Turbo.
No ordinary 900 turbo, it has been owned by me for the last 10 years
and has covered 18K miles during my ownership. During this time I have lavished both time and money having the car upgraded to its current specification, by Motorvation Saab and Abbott Racing.

For further details check out the Web advert ( )

or call David on 01892 824204


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Motorvation Saab : Access changes due to A21 Roadworks.

Owing to the improvements to the A21 between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, the access to the end of Halfmoon Lane has been changed to a left turn only.

This means that anyone approaching us from the south has to take a diversion route to get to us. Please click on the Location Map button below to get a map and directions to get to us. Locationmap button2

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Saab rally legend Erik Carlsson, 1929-2015

Erik Carlsson

Sadly we learned today, that Saab’s internationally famous rally driver and brand spokesman, Erik Carlsson, has died at the age of 86.

He was known to Saab owners and rally fans as “Mr. Saab” and sometimes “Carlsson på taket,” or Carlsson on the roof. This name came from the fact that he rolled the sturdy 96 in competition, and often, was able to keep going.

Carlsson was a native of Trollhättan the home of Saab. As a teenager having lost his parents, he developed a taste for speed on two wheels. Running his 1947 Norton 500 ES2 in hillclimbs, motocross and ice and road racing prepared himfor his service as a motorcycle orderly with the Swedish infantry.

Erik Carlsson came to associate with Saab when he bought a Saab 92 from a farmer. Before switching over to driving on the right-hand side of the road, there was no maximum speed limit in Sweden. On gravel roads and in bad weather conditions, Erik learned to keep up the speed in this under-powered car. He rounded bends and perfected his mastery of taking the shortest route whilst negotiating bends without skidding with in his front-wheel drive car..
His competition debut was typical. Full speed over the crest of a hill, a hard landing, the battery in the rear of the car broke free. The battery cable was torn off and the car was blacked out in a fraction of a second. The Saab went backwards through a hedge into the garden of a grocer’s shop. Co-driver Sten Helm, who worked at the power station in Trollhättan, succeeded in fixing the electrics so they could continue – and win their class.

Every day, he would drive before work, and after races, he would turn up on Saab’s doorstep to borrow spares. Having established his racing credentials he was employed by Saab and never needed to worry again about spares.

An early Saab was not the fastest in terms of speed, but Erik was able to extract every ounce of power that the screaming engine could produce. Modern rally cars have vast horsepower available, on the day Saab succeeded in extracting 85 horsepower from an 850 cc engine, the entire competition department was treated to cake !
Erik was formally associated with Saab in the role of competitions driver from the late 1950s through the early 1970s, his greatest performances and wins were during the early 1960’s.


Navigator Stuart Turner and driver Erik Carlsson before the 1960 RAC rally.

Erik made the strange little two-stroke cars, and their famous aircraft parent company, famous on the international racing stage, he competed in Sweden’s Midnight Sun Rally, Norway’s Norwegian Rally Viking, Finland’s 1000 Lakes Rally, Holland’s Tulip Rally, Belgium’s Marathon de la Route Liège-Sofia-Liège, France’s Coupes des Alpes, even the East African Safari Rally.  Considering he was driving cars that had three or even five cylinders less than those driven by the competition,his legendary outright victories in the 1960, 1961 and 1962 RAC Rallies and in the 1962 and 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies were truly remarkable.

Carlsson married rally star Stirling Moss‘s sister Pat in 1963 often racing each other,the partnership lasted until her death in 2008. The couple lived in England, and had a daughter, Susie.

After his retirement from competition, Carlsson continued to work with Saab, using his driving skills to help develop new models through the 1990s, and offering his larger-than-life personality to promote the Saab brand. The British market received  limited-edition performance models bearing his name, these included the 900,9000, and 9-3 Aero Carlsson.

With Saabs in his blood, he was a regular at many Saab club events around the world, doing driving demonstrations, telling stories and signing autographs, his manner and personality made friends with everyone he met. He will be sorely missed and well remembered at the 2015 Saab Festival being held at the Saab Museum in the middle of June.

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