Posted by: motorvationsaab | March 18, 2020

COVID 19 and Motorvation

Along with the rest of the country we at Motorvation have to face the reality of the effects that the Coronovirus is having, and could have on the lives of ourselves and you, our customers.

First and foremost.

We are here. And open !

However in all our interests we ask all of our customers to make sure that they have protected both themselves and us by making sure that they have followed the guidelines as regards their hand washing and other measures to protect themselves goes.

Furthermore we would be grateful, that if possible you ensure your car is as virus free as possible. This can be done by using an anti viral spray such as Dettol surface cleaner. This should be sprayed on the steering wheel, gearshift and centre console area and door handles. If you are taking one of our loan cars these will have been treated before you drive it.

If you are unable to prepare your car this way, please let us know so we can take appropriate measures before we drive your car.

If you are in isolation, or displaying the symptoms of the virus :

Please do not visit us. We will NOT be able to serve you.

Further Covid 19 Precautions.

In a further attempt to reduce the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the ourselves and our customers we have introduced additional measures to enable us to adapt our way of working so as to continue as normally as possible.

Please do NOT enter the office.

We will come to you.

If you are making a payment by card we ask that you remain at the door. We will ask you for the card details etc and process the payment without asking you for your PIN.
We will also disinfect your vehicle before we enter it or carry out any work to it. All our loan cars are disinfected before and after use.
Thanks for your understanding.


The Motorvation team.

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