Posted by: motorvationsaab | December 21, 2018

Happy Christmas and New Year 2018

Christmas Card 2018 copy2

Please Note : Our Christmas opening times.
We are closed from the evening of Friday 21st until Wednesday 2nd January.

In an Emergency :
Please call us and you will get through to our emergency line, leave a message and we will get back to you quickly.

Well what a year 2018 has been !

We are living in great times of change both socially and politically. The Brexit chaos seems to still linger ! However nothing could diminish the enjoyment of the best summer in years. And what a busy summer we had!

Sadly we saw the closure of Turners Hill Saab this summer. Dick Sedgwick, the owner, was forced to close up after over 40 years due to serious illness. One of the last of the ” Old School” Saab dealers he was one of life’s characters, always having an amusing story to tell. We have been lucky to be able to welcome many of his previous clients. Once again we have said goodbye to a few older clients who had became friends over the years. Also sadly two of our ” Golden Wonder” dogs, Yoda and Custard. Many of you have asked why so much of the office floor is now visible ! Life at Motorvation continues to bring us lots of laughs, new friends, and new opportunities. So we are welcoming 2019 !

Saab Summary.

Genuine Parts supply remains good. Aftermarket parts abound on the internet, often costing more than the genuine item !  We have come across several parts that customers have bought “off the net” that have not fitted, or been of such poor quality that we have refused to fit them. So if you are looking “on the net” always go for a known supplier and chose a known brand name, and price check first !

Indeed many of you are deciding to “refresh” your 9-5 and 9-3’s rather than buy a new but less characterful car, this can be a more cost effective option when compared with the outlay on a new, yet bland “Eurobox”!
With the continuing rise in values for the “Classic Saab cars” we are undertaking more and more restoration and refurbishment work.

Nevs the new owners are now producing all electric cars, based on the Saab platforms these are anticipated to be available to our market in 2020. As always  we  remain Saab brand loyal.  As an existing friend of Motorvation we are always happy to service and maintain your other vehicles and don’t forget we also service Minis.

Once again Chris, Jacquie, and Mike would like to say thank you for your support and loyalty in 2018. We truly appreciate it, and we looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

Again wishing you all the best for you and yours Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes.

Chris, Mike, and Jacquie

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