Posted by: motorvationsaab | October 22, 2013

More Saab Production News !

Saab Car production

 Saab Production start date gets closer.


Production car manufacture is not too far away now. Since the first pre production car rolled off the line on September 18th 14 more cars have been assembled, checked, finished and tested and are now parked within the factory. These cars were produced to prove the newly modified assembly line and the new components and technology that is installed in these post GM cars.

The start of full production is getting closer. The company has now ordered parts from hundreds of suppliers in order to build Saab-cars. . One supplier has said that things are getting very interesting in terms of volume in the orders made, the numbers are apparently significant. This and other suppliers have found NEVS to be a good company to work with: “The spirit and enthusiasm from the guys at NEVS is encouraging”.

Per Svantesson at NEVS. Was asked. How were the negotiations going with the suppliers?
“We’re moving forward at a good phase. We have about 400 suppliers which will start up before the end of the year. The goal is finish all the deals within six to eight weeks and then start series-production in Trollhättan before the end of the year. It requires about 2000 components to build the 9-3 and these parts are shipped from about 400 suppliers.”

The production restart will generate a profit for the Swedish suppliers. NEVS is using more Swedish suppliers than Saab did during the GM-Era according to Svantesson.

Once production of cars for sale starts, we can’t expect the line to put out more than a few cars a day for the first couple of weeks. This is standard operating procedure during a start-up phase for any manufacturing production facility regardless of what product is being produced. as systems and components are proven then the output will increase.

So it would seem that things are going to plan as outlined by NEVS.

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  1. Hi Chris

    Thank you for the update, things seem to be looking up.

    Best wishes



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