Posted by: motorvationsaab | February 7, 2012

Saab Parts after Bankruptcy

We are still being asked about the availability of Saab parts after bankruptcy.
To clarify this question. 

  • Saab parts remain readily available.
  • Saab Parts are not part of the bankruptcy.
  • Parts Warranty of Two years with unlimited mileage in that time is unchanged.

Saab Parts as a company is profitable and, since the administrators took over Saab the flow of parts has increased. This is probably because “draw off ” to the factory has stopped.
In the period of time immediately before the administartors took over Saab there had been a “backorder” issue with some parts, most notably the ignition remotes for the Saab 9-3 Sports. These, and many other parts have now flowed back into production and supply.
Parts at this time and in the future will not be a problem since they have to be produced for ten years after production. In the real world, as long as there is a demand they will be produced. After all Saab Parts are a business who will supply a demand that continues to make a profit.

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  1. I have been waiting 2 months for a headlight. Parts are not readily available!


  2. Hi Caroline.
    Thanks for your comment. Currently we still have a few items on backorder, At the moment we are told that the supply is now running at 87% immediate availability and improving. If you would like to let me know which headlamp, and for what model and year you need I may be able to get you some idea of when they are due to be resupplied, or even find a secondhand one to keep you going. If you wish to e-mail me direct please do so on .


  3. I was in a car accident in May and my mechanic is still saying parts are unavailable for my 97x almost two months later. Is it because I’m in the states and not in the UK? Is there any ETA on when parts will be shipping again?


    • Hi Allie.The 97x was not available in the Uk, though it was due.The problem is that the US parts supply chain has not been rebuilt very quickly. I am told that it is underway and that parts should become more available. If you can let us have the part numbers that you require we can try and order them through the European system which is running well. We have shipped parts to Canada recently that were not available there. Please email me a list of the parts and their numbers to and I will see what I can do….No promises !


  4. when will taillights become available for the 2011 9/5


    • You don’t say if you are Left hand or Right hand drive. We have experienced no difficulty with these lights.


  5. my garage cannot replace a broken front passenger seat belt for a 9-3 convertible 2007 model it has been on back order for a month and the mot runs out soon.what can i do?


    • Hi I have sent you an email requesting more detils of your car so I can see if we can help.


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